The Progress: Part 5

Hello! I bid to any kindred souls who’s actually reading my rants here. How are you doing today? Great, I hope. I’m feeling better too. Much better. In fact I felt good enough to drive around for 3 hours today (I had a lot of errands to be done).

I think in my last post I talked about going to my GI for a visit around end-Feb. Well, the outcome from the visit was my GI was somewhat happy with my progress so far, although he was worried with my excessive mucus production. With that in mind, he prescribed more probiotics, to help with the gut flora, and ordered a stool sample. Yup! He’s apparently interested in something called “Occult Blood, Ova and Cys” which to my understanding is blood content, and parasite eggs/youngs. I hope the test will be all clear so then I’ll have really nothing to worry about and just continue life trying to understand IBS.

However, IBS aside, I’m still trying to understand my other symptoms (which my GI/GP is attributing to anxiety) such as shortness of breath (SpO2 was 99% the whole time I was warded), constant mild headache (trying out sinusitis sprays – lots of phlegm and mucus) and random body aches and spasms. As I’m typing this, my left index finger just randomly began to hurt. Great!

And then there’s the tooth issues too. Had a follow up with my dentist for the root canal, he’s switching my meds to a different type, so far it feels better, but there is still some occasional discomfort. And the darnest thing happened yesterday, I went to a dentist hoping to extract a broken root. As much as she tried, the tool couldn’t extract it because it was too small, and covered with gums. So now, I’m in pain from all the trauma from the extraction area, with no results to show. I would sure mind the pain less if the extraction was actually successful. This is almost like self mutilation at this point. The X-Ray verified that root was too small to be normally extracted. She said I could have surgery done, but she doesn’t actually recommend it due to the rather invasive nature of the procedure (cutting the gums, shaving some bone off and removing the root).

Lastly, I’m starting to think that my headaches might be actually caused by an aggravated TMJ pain instead. My jaw has always popped, and grinds, sometimes even lock slightly, but there was never any pain – at all. However, since the root canal was completed, my bite felt odd, and my bottom tooth kept touching the filling. So perhaps, a prolonged shift in my bite (unconsiously) and the long sessions with my mouth wide open had aggravated the joint, causing my shoulder ache, headache etc. I should probably point this out to my GP on my next visit. Been trying a TMJ exercise/stretch I saw on YouTube by Dr. Jo, and it seemed to have slightly helped.

That’s all I could rant in this episode of “No One Actually Cares!”. Be healthy everyone and have a great day! No seriously, as bad as you think you’re having it, there will be someone out there that’s worse off. So please, be happier and more thankful with what you have now, and maybe you’ll eventually get better (a message to both myself, and any fellow readers).

Just a random shot from my recent trip to the zoo. It’s always so boring to have a wall of text, especially one about being sick. Bleargh!. Just trying to liven things up here for a change! 🙂

The Progress: Part 4

Well, it’s now officially been 2 weeks since I stopped Dicetel, and a very eventful two week it surely was. To summarize, it’s been all about headaches, sensitivity and mucus. Lot’s of mucus.

Urgh, where do I even begin! It all began when I had a burger. I don’t know what it had that triggered such a violent response from my body, but it did the trick alright. It’s been quite some time since I had gas/bloating related issues, glad to inform you it’s now back. Once again, I’m greeted with morning cramps and bloating, until I either pass all the gas or have a bowel movement.

If the gas and cramps weren’t enough, there’s always the sea of mucus spewing from my back-end. Okay, I’m exagerating here, but in all honestly, my movement are either now covered in that stuff, or it’s more than enough to be expelled as a clump or plug of mucus. But I could live with it. It’s not always bad. I can afford to be far from the toilet for extended hours without too much anxiety setting in. Just today I went to the zoo for a whole 6 hours, including trip time. Sure, I had my down/panic moments, but at least I had a ton of fun. You can read about my zoo trip at my other blog here.

What I can’t stand however, is everything else. The random tooth sensitivity, and now somehow, headaches. It’s not like I’m not doing anything to it, I had a procedure done and everything. But somehow, it was better before I had the procedure done. The abcess would come, and it would go. Now, the abcess bump is always there (a very small bump however). I’m now seriously considering just extracting the tooth. Adding insult to injury, I’m also having random tooth sensitivity at my other teeth (just a few specific ones), which I just am ignoring currently. It comes and goes. Sometimes it’s completely fine and some other time, it just feels sensitive for no reason (not particularly to hot/cold).

Last annoying sensation is feeling as if you have mucus stuck in your throat, almost constantly. This also comes and goes, but it’s rather annoying truthfully. The mucus sorts of smells too (not like puss/rotting kinda smell, but just has a distinct scent to it). My muscles around the body randomly gets sore too. The most recent muscle that got rather sore was on my left knee. It fixes itself, but it’s getting quite annoying to be dealing with lots of sensations throughout the day.

To whomever that’s reading this entry, please, if you’ve ever experienced anything like this, just drop me a comment on what it is so I’ll at least have an idea what I’m having.

That’s all I have for this entry. I wish for the best of health for you all! Thanks for reading!

The Progress: Part 3

It’s been a while since I last shared anything. Work has been absolutely busy lately, not that I mind. I’ve been feeling pretty good lately. Not too much anxiety, I can do my work properly, and my bowel movements have been pretty regular, athought they’re still at Type 1. 

I got an abscessed tooth taken care off the other day but recovery has been rather slow since my GI wouldn’t allow me to be on antibiotics. Every now and again the tooth would feel slightly sensitive and that makes my heart rush slightly. I hope that will resolve itself soon.

But I have had quite a few little wins over the past few weeks! I went to watch a movie, Split, which to me was really good, but the ending does seem to be rather abrupt. Also went to a sushi place and hanged out with some friends and bought a new book to read. I’ve forgotten how good it feels to just go out and have some fun shopping time with friends.

This is honestly the first period in months where I can say I feel even remotely normal. Sure, I’m still scared to go out of my comfort zone too much, but I’m making efforts to actually go out! I guess that counts for something.

The bloating is still present, but it has reduced, and I don’t feel too horrible in the mornings now. The dry mouth also comes and goes, and so does the headaches or dizziness. I will however stop taking Dicetel next week as part of the plan with my GI to assess my condition with and without the medication.

I have been taking daily logs of my BM and how I generally feel throughout the day. I hope I’ll see a change for the better, even without the meds. Wish me luck! 

Thanks for reading! 

The Anomaly

I honestly can’t wait for the next appointment with my GI. There’s plenty of questions for me to ask, such as: why’s my poop yellow? And why am I seeing very minute blood spots on my stool? Is the proctitis back? Sigh. 

The best cause of action here is obviously calling him and making sure I’m all good, and you know what, that’s exactly what I’m gonna do. I’m seriously starting to hate this, but the good news is, the blood is still bright red, and merely just marks my stool. So its still proctitis I guess. But however, I’ve never actually noticed it in any of my stools before, so am I getting worse somehow? Or since my stool is currently quite yellowish, it’s just easier to see. This is surely bizarre and unnerving. 

I need to ask him if it’s possible I have both IBS and IBD together. Because I am starting to feel better on this FODMAP diet and probiotics.

I ranged my GI up (thank god he’s open on Saturdays) and inquired about the spots, since that’s my major concern so far. My GI however said that perhaps this is a one off deal, and for me to keep a close look at my stool for these few coming days. If there’s consistently blood present, he asked me to come back for another check-up.

I seriously hope it goes away on its own. Next, to figure out why my body feels as if it’s feverish (body and insides feel warm, but cold feet). I’m currently keeping a daily record on how I’m feeling for the day and of my movements (if any). Maybe it could be of some use for the doctor in better diagnosing my condition. 

That’s all my rants for today. Thanks for indulging me. Until next time!