A Poop-less Week

Ah, so I think the title might’ve given away the source of my rambling for this entry. Yes, gents, I haven’t had a bowel motion (nor the urge) in 7 days.

Let’s recap slightly. It’s now the month of Ramadan, and me being a Muslim, have a mandatory fast to perform for 30 days, and I was definitely up to the challenge. For the first few days of the fast, I was having a daily bowel movement, every morning without fail.

However, as I crept further into Ramadan, the movement begins to become…looser. It became softer, too soft in fact that I was suspecting there’s an issue with my digestive tract.

And then there it was, as weird as how it started, I stopped pooping altogether. My rectum was honestly slightly sore from the daily pooping. I think my body wasn’t ready for that.

Anyway, as the work piled, and the days went by, I honestly just have forgotten that I haven’t had  any BM for DAYS! Not even the slightest urge. When I realised, it was mainly due to me feeling bloated, and I asked myself, “when was the last time I had to go?”. I was internally silent, there’s just no answer, mainly because even I have forgotten the specifics.

Desperate time calls for desperate measures. Hello again my old friend, bisacodyl. Damn damn damn damn damn do I hate this drug. Yes, it works, I get it, but it just makes me feel all weak and weird. There’s one slight twist though, this time I actually got the suppository version of it, thinking that it would work better.

Got home, drank lots of water, slipped the drug in, and there I was, waiting and writhing in discomfort, wanting to eject the drug out of me. After a good 10 minutes of keeping it in me, I rushed to the loo.

To my disappointment, nothing came out, just mucus, and more mucus, and then there was whatever left of the drug.

After much debilitating wait in the throne, finally, some very hard stool finally came out with much hesitation. 

As I’m typing this, I’m just lying down on the floor, still waiting on the actual time I’ll have a proper BM. Maybe I should’ve held it in much longer, but it was just so irritating to my innards.

At least it doesn’t make me feel like passing out or straight out dying like the oral version does, so there’s that.

Update – many moons later (or about 2 hours)

Still nothing, I’m going to sleep, if this still doesn’t work by tomorrow, I’m just gonna have to take the normal bisacodyl. If that doesn’t work, well, a trip to the ER it is then

Wish me luck

Update – It’s the next morning now, and I just inserted another suppository, but this time I’m gonna hold it in as best as I could. The stomach has been gurgling but it’s still not working from yesterday. This may just be the anxiety talking, but my body feels absolutely weird, definitely not working (or fasting) for that matter. It feels all jittery and weak, I feel at complete unease.

One important thing I learned is never to let it go this out of hand, and I really should be taking notes again for my bowel movements like I used to do, so I can actually remember when was the last time I had one. I have chugged 1.5 Litres of water in 12 hours, so I don’t think I’m dehydrated at all. Now I’ll just wait patiently I guess. 

Update – finally went to the doctor he prescribed something called Paraffin Oil. Apparently this will just help in lubricating my internal and should help in relieving in a more natural and controlled manner (we’ll see about that)!

However, suddenly my mouth feels extremely dry (even though I’ve been drinking water aplenty) and there’s a sensation or desire rather of gagging and vomiting. Great! My weekend is all sorted out then

But I’m counting my blessings however, I have an exam on Tuesday and I seriously much rather all of this to happen today instead! I should feel better once Tuesday comes.

If the mouth feeling doesn’t subside, I’ll just resort to suckling on some hard candy instead, that should (theoretically) work! 

Update – after two doses, still nothing from the paraffin oil, other than just cramps and gurgles from the stomach. Finally called my GI, and he suggested for me to take fibre drinks, 3x/day coupled with the paraffin oil in the mornings. 

I’m not giving up, will be trying that next! 

Update – got bored of fibre drinks too, I give up. No matter how bad the side effects is, oral bisacodyl seems to work best for me. The effect (for me, at least) comes in stages. 

  1. Suddenly awake, yet I don’t feel weird or sick
  2. I start farting, a lot (maybe because the bowel is finally moving)
  3. General weakness and coldness
  4. Cramps, lots of abdominal cramps 
  5. Feeling Faint
  6. Elimination

Anyway, I actually went to the loo, and what came out was only a few pebbles of stool, and the paraffin oil. Damn body, why won’t you work! My body is feeling oddly hot too, internally 

Update – It finally happened. A big (and surprisingly comfortable) BM. Maybe due to the paraffin coated internals. Damn! DEFINITELY drinking fibre every few days once from today onwards 

That’s about it, I think this post has been long enough. Until the next entry