How About Some Yoga?

I spoke about stress, being to root of all evil not too long ago. But try how we might, it’s very hard to actually cut out or control our stress levels. Sure we might try heading back from work earlier, quitting social media and getting a good night’s sleep, but for me, this hasn’t worked as well as I wanted it to be. With that in mind, I’m now giving Yoga a shot. Currently, I’m still trying to work out a schedule where Yoga fits in my life. After work before dinner is the best time so far, but it depends on traffic and my work load – something that I’m working towards reducing.

Weekends however, I’m trying my best to get into the habit of both beginning and ending my day with Yoga, but again, the apparent laziness I have is somewhat getting in the way slightly. I’m also seriously considering taking a break from social media, be it Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. I’m pretty sure that reading about how great other people’s life is could be very damaging to your own, moreso to someone like me, where my health isn’t that great, and I can’t freely go to a fancy island for a weekend getaway. The mere thought of being on a plane sends tingles down my spine. Baby steps

The current Yoga poses that I’m adapting to are;
i) Child Pose
ii) Warrior 1
iii) Warrior 2
iv) Alternate Nostril Breathing
v) Legs up the Wall Pose
vi) Tree Pose
vii) Cat-Cow Pose
viii) Mountain Pose

I will be adding more challenging poses down the line, such as Warrior 3 and Camel Pose, but that’s all in due time. I’ll slowly build my core fitness and add them in.

Currently, I am feeling much better compared to back when I first started this blog back in the end of 2016. However, as I’m typing this, I am feeling extremely heavy headed with some head pressure, with general fatigue. I attribute this mostly to the fact that I had a little siesta session today, and since I generally just don’t do that, my body freaked out. I am recovering though.

A few things I shall be pointing out to my GI/GP comes my next appointment is the persistent white mucus (nasal spray didn’t help), random popping noises in left ear, and the head pressure.

Here are also some calm and relaxing music that I found somewhat helps in keeping a calm and more relaxing atmosphere while at work (or when I’m generally feeling anxious);

i) Marconi Union – Weightless
ii) Yanni – Truth of Touch

Thanks for reading everyone! I hope all the best for all of us anxiety sufferers out there! Until next time