Stress; The Evil Within Us

Stress, such a stressful word even to pronounce. I realize it now, all my problems began since I was transferred to a new department at work. A department so bad, that essentially I’m the only one there who does everything. EVERYTHING. This isn’t an exageration or me being playful. It’s just that bad!

So essentially, my department is divided into two sub-groups, let’s call them Group A, which takes care of Area A, and the same applies to Group B, and Area B. I’m in Group/Area A, and while I admit, Area B is more complicated, but Area A just has a lot more problems, almost on a daily basis when I started. Still doesn’t sound bad? There’s only two people in Group A, just two, and both of us were new!

Could you imagine that now? Two brand-spankin-new engineers, with not much experience to boot, directly overseeing the profitability of a whole area, during a period of extreme difficulties. You may ask, “Why is the other guy just fine, you wuss!”. Don’t get me wrong, my partner is a very kind and understanding soul, but he is just isn’t…efficient. In the end, most of the workload falls on my shoulders instead. After a few months of this situation going on, finally, I cracked. I got really sick and was warded (read my previous posts for a recollection)


So starting from a month or so back, I now no longer stay back at work longer than I have to. 7.30 AM in, 5.30 PM out. This may still seem long to some, but it’s waayy better compared to the 13 hour workday I used to have. I’m also slowly starting to implement better habits to ease stress. During lunch hour, I now no longer do any work. Instead, I prefer to eat with the company of my phone and YouTube, and reading the odd blogs every now and again.

Does it work, you maybe wondering. It really does. I’m getting much less sicker by the day! Sure, there are legit health issues that I need to tackle, such as the root canal, and poor blood circulation, but that all is part of an upcoming plan to try and walk for a few KMs each day after work. I also just started doing some basic yoga, to help in reducing my anxiety and finding better inner peace.

But stress isn’t something you can avoid easily and completely. I’m still pretty much experimenting with what I could/couldn’t do to help. If any of you actually has any suggestions or experience you would like to share, I’d be more than happy to read and respond to it.

Have a good day, readers! Until next time 🙂