The Progress: Part 5

Hello! I bid to any kindred souls who’s actually reading my rants here. How are you doing today? Great, I hope. I’m feeling better too. Much better. In fact I felt good enough to drive around for 3 hours today (I had a lot of errands to be done).

I think in my last post I talked about going to my GI for a visit around end-Feb. Well, the outcome from the visit was my GI was somewhat happy with my progress so far, although he was worried with my excessive mucus production. With that in mind, he prescribed more probiotics, to help with the gut flora, and ordered a stool sample. Yup! He’s apparently interested in something called “Occult Blood, Ova and Cys” which to my understanding is blood content, and parasite eggs/youngs. I hope the test will be all clear so then I’ll have really nothing to worry about and just continue life trying to understand IBS.

However, IBS aside, I’m still trying to understand my other symptoms (which my GI/GP is attributing to anxiety) such as shortness of breath (SpO2 was 99% the whole time I was warded), constant mild headache (trying out sinusitis sprays – lots of phlegm and mucus) and random body aches and spasms. As I’m typing this, my left index finger just randomly began to hurt. Great!

And then there’s the tooth issues too. Had a follow up with my dentist for the root canal, he’s switching my meds to a different type, so far it feels better, but there is still some occasional discomfort. And the darnest thing happened yesterday, I went to a dentist hoping to extract a broken root. As much as she tried, the tool couldn’t extract it because it was too small, and covered with gums. So now, I’m in pain from all the trauma from the extraction area, with no results to show. I would sure mind the pain less if the extraction was actually successful. This is almost like self mutilation at this point. The X-Ray verified that root was too small to be normally extracted. She said I could have surgery done, but she doesn’t actually recommend it due to the rather invasive nature of the procedure (cutting the gums, shaving some bone off and removing the root).

Lastly, I’m starting to think that my headaches might be actually caused by an aggravated TMJ pain instead. My jaw has always popped, and grinds, sometimes even lock slightly, but there was never any pain – at all. However, since the root canal was completed, my bite felt odd, and my bottom tooth kept touching the filling. So perhaps, a prolonged shift in my bite (unconsiously) and the long sessions with my mouth wide open had aggravated the joint, causing my shoulder ache, headache etc. I should probably point this out to my GP on my next visit. Been trying a TMJ exercise/stretch I saw on YouTube by Dr. Jo, and it seemed to have slightly helped.

That’s all I could rant in this episode of “No One Actually Cares!”. Be healthy everyone and have a great day! No seriously, as bad as you think you’re having it, there will be someone out there that’s worse off. So please, be happier and more thankful with what you have now, and maybe you’ll eventually get better (a message to both myself, and any fellow readers).

Just a random shot from my recent trip to the zoo. It’s always so boring to have a wall of text, especially one about being sick. Bleargh!. Just trying to liven things up here for a change! 🙂