The Progress: Part 4

Well, it’s now officially been 2 weeks since I stopped Dicetel, and a very eventful two week it surely was. To summarize, it’s been all about headaches, sensitivity and mucus. Lot’s of mucus.

Urgh, where do I even begin! It all began when I had a burger. I don’t know what it had that triggered such a violent response from my body, but it did the trick alright. It’s been quite some time since I had gas/bloating related issues, glad to inform you it’s now back. Once again, I’m greeted with morning cramps and bloating, until I either pass all the gas or have a bowel movement.

If the gas and cramps weren’t enough, there’s always the sea of mucus spewing from my back-end. Okay, I’m exagerating here, but in all honestly, my movement are either now covered in that stuff, or it’s more than enough to be expelled as a clump or plug of mucus. But I could live with it. It’s not always bad. I can afford to be far from the toilet for extended hours without too much anxiety setting in. Just today I went to the zoo for a whole 6 hours, including trip time. Sure, I had my down/panic moments, but at least I had a ton of fun. You can read about my zoo trip at my other blog here.

What I can’t stand however, is everything else. The random tooth sensitivity, and now somehow, headaches. It’s not like I’m not doing anything to it, I had a procedure done and everything. But somehow, it was better before I had the procedure done. The abcess would come, and it would go. Now, the abcess bump is always there (a very small bump however). I’m now seriously considering just extracting the tooth. Adding insult to injury, I’m also having random tooth sensitivity at my other teeth (just a few specific ones), which I just am ignoring currently. It comes and goes. Sometimes it’s completely fine and some other time, it just feels sensitive for no reason (not particularly to hot/cold).

Last annoying sensation is feeling as if you have mucus stuck in your throat, almost constantly. This also comes and goes, but it’s rather annoying truthfully. The mucus sorts of smells too (not like puss/rotting kinda smell, but just has a distinct scent to it). My muscles around the body randomly gets sore too. The most recent muscle that got rather sore was on my left knee. It fixes itself, but it’s getting quite annoying to be dealing with lots of sensations throughout the day.

To whomever that’s reading this entry, please, if you’ve ever experienced anything like this, just drop me a comment on what it is so I’ll at least have an idea what I’m having.

That’s all I have for this entry. I wish for the best of health for you all! Thanks for reading!


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