The Other Issues

Random thought of the day; I strongly believe that toothaches could legitimately be used as a weapon at some point in the distant future. I’m having a toothache as I type this, even though I’ve tried my best to go to the dentist and actually tried fixing the damn tooth! 

Some backstory; I’ve always had bad tooth, even as a child. At one point in my life, I honestly think I went to the dentist more than once a month just from the sheer number of work I actually needed on them. My dentist attributes this to a) having shitty genes and b) acid reflux. 

My tooth got significantly worse (and better) around the time I got braces. It’s better because it’s at least more neatly arranged now. Worse because they had to stop treatment slightly sooner than expected due to a minor complication. A complication which involved my tooth chipping. Badly chipping. When is say bad, I mean like really bad. Most of my front tooth had to have composite cement to reshape them, quite an unsightly thing to behold. More than 70% of my tooth has had work done on them.

But I got used to it. So did the people around me. At first I was embarrassed, but now, not as much. I don’t actually mind them looking bad, but with cavities, come toothaches.

However, they still do chip, and break, and get cavities oh so easily. I actually envy my other friends. One of em hardly ever brushes his teeth, but with very minimal cavities. I brush mine twice a day and I use mouthwash each time, but what do I have to show for it? Cavities. 

I honestly envy those perfect smiles of the people around me. When my teeth first started going bad, I developed a habit of shielding my mouth when I laugh. It’s second nature now. But I’m glad my friends don’t mock me (at least directly) about it. 

There are worse things to have in the world honestly, compared to IBS and poor dental health, but sometimes, you just can’t help of dreaming, “What if I’m….normal”. 

Oh well, that’s all I can’t rant about today while I’m sitting here trying my best to ignore the pain. It comes and goes, but I’ll survive.

Next I’ll actually tell you guys what’s with the pain I’m having now! Thanks for reading my rants! As always, have a nice day! 


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