The Progress: Part 3

It’s been a while since I last shared anything. Work has been absolutely busy lately, not that I mind. I’ve been feeling pretty good lately. Not too much anxiety, I can do my work properly, and my bowel movements have been pretty regular, athought they’re still at Type 1. 

I got an abscessed tooth taken care off the other day but recovery has been rather slow since my GI wouldn’t allow me to be on antibiotics. Every now and again the tooth would feel slightly sensitive and that makes my heart rush slightly. I hope that will resolve itself soon.

But I have had quite a few little wins over the past few weeks! I went to watch a movie, Split, which to me was really good, but the ending does seem to be rather abrupt. Also went to a sushi place and hanged out with some friends and bought a new book to read. I’ve forgotten how good it feels to just go out and have some fun shopping time with friends.

This is honestly the first period in months where I can say I feel even remotely normal. Sure, I’m still scared to go out of my comfort zone too much, but I’m making efforts to actually go out! I guess that counts for something.

The bloating is still present, but it has reduced, and I don’t feel too horrible in the mornings now. The dry mouth also comes and goes, and so does the headaches or dizziness. I will however stop taking Dicetel next week as part of the plan with my GI to assess my condition with and without the medication.

I have been taking daily logs of my BM and how I generally feel throughout the day. I hope I’ll see a change for the better, even without the meds. Wish me luck! 

Thanks for reading! 


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