The Anomaly

I honestly can’t wait for the next appointment with my GI. There’s plenty of questions for me to ask, such as: why’s my poop yellow? And why am I seeing very minute blood spots on my stool? Is the proctitis back? Sigh. 

The best cause of action here is obviously calling him and making sure I’m all good, and you know what, that’s exactly what I’m gonna do. I’m seriously starting to hate this, but the good news is, the blood is still bright red, and merely just marks my stool. So its still proctitis I guess. But however, I’ve never actually noticed it in any of my stools before, so am I getting worse somehow? Or since my stool is currently quite yellowish, it’s just easier to see. This is surely bizarre and unnerving. 

I need to ask him if it’s possible I have both IBS and IBD together. Because I am starting to feel better on this FODMAP diet and probiotics.

I ranged my GI up (thank god he’s open on Saturdays) and inquired about the spots, since that’s my major concern so far. My GI however said that perhaps this is a one off deal, and for me to keep a close look at my stool for these few coming days. If there’s consistently blood present, he asked me to come back for another check-up.

I seriously hope it goes away on its own. Next, to figure out why my body feels as if it’s feverish (body and insides feel warm, but cold feet). I’m currently keeping a daily record on how I’m feeling for the day and of my movements (if any). Maybe it could be of some use for the doctor in better diagnosing my condition. 

That’s all my rants for today. Thanks for indulging me. Until next time! 


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