The Progress: Part 2

Progress, huh. If anything, naming this post “The Regression” would be ever so appropriate. But, I’m not losing hope. Never!

As mentioned in the last post, my GI prescribed me Lacidofil to better help me replenish my gut fauna, since I’ve been having much gas even with a supremely low FODMAP diet. Here’s an update on the probiotics situation.

I’m definitely starting to feel better. The first day on the probiotics, before breakfast I had 1 multivitamin and 3 garlic pills. Bad idea! One of em is causing me to have very bad acid and reflux. It’s so bad that at one point, I feel as if there’s food regurgitating up my throat. 

The next day, by chance, I accidentally dropped my bottle of garlic pills, and started my day only with 1 multivitamin. The reflux was reduced, but still very much present. I could feel the acid burning my belly from within. Bananas helped a lot, together with some antacid to calm my tummy down. But other than that, the bloating was much less since I’ve started probiotics. 

When the next day came along, I gave up the multivitamins altogether in hopes that it wouldn’t trigger my heartburn, and almost magically, the heartburn just wasn’t there, at least not severely. It was very-very mild. It was the multivitamins all along. I wonder what does it contain that triggers the acid production. 

I’m honestly hyped about starting this new probiotics. Sure, I do feel some improvements, but it’s not like I’m 100% better either. I actually had to take 1/2 day off work yesterday just because I couldn’t stand the nausea and dizziness at work. 

I’m still trying to figure out what causes the dizziness. My instincts tell me it’s an anxiety response, or dehydration, but drinking water seems to do very little in improving it. A better way to describe my dizziness is feeling as if my head is very heavy, and I feel tired but not sleepy.

What’s also nice is that I found out that soy milk makes my throat all slimy. Cool! Maybe Almond Milk next? 

Thanks for reading! 


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