The Alternative

Western medications is great. But sometimes, we have to be open to other forms of treatment too. My current goal with alternative medications is not too completely heal IBS, but instead, to help me deal with symptoms such as fatigue and bloating. 

I went to a Chinese Herbal Doctor nearby, and what’s amazing was without me actually saying anything, with a touch on my palm and wrists, he said I have too much gas, and I’m weak. I mean how amazing is that! 

He then proceeded to write down names for a few herbs for me to boil and drink the extract and he claims that this will help with my gas. I was skeptical, but nonetheless eager to try this out! However, there was that one voice deep within me that said ,”what if this makes it worse?”. I couldn’t care less at this point, you either discover, or life your life in pain not knowing that perhaps, there’s a cure out there. 


The herbal concoction. Sorry for the potato quality
The taste? It starts off bitter, and somewhat sour, with a disturbing sweetness aftertaste that lingers. It’s not something you’d enjoy drinking on a daily basis. But as the saying goes, the worse medicine taste, the better it works.

Immediately after drinking, I noticed no particular changes to my condition. No burps, farts, nothing. It did however made me feel slightly warm from the inside. This is somewhat of a good thing since I’m almost always freezing anyways.  However, I realized that my body did feel somewhat less bloated the next morning, until I ate some yoghurt. It’s fine however, I can stand the bloating, and the added probiotics will be good for my gut. I had a very-very small movement the next day, it still looks weird, but better compared to the previous days. It’s at least more solid now, but still somewhat mucus-y. 

My previous movements were purely mucus, and some watery mess. But even then, the amount is pathetically little. I don’t know it it’s because I have not much in me, or I am just backed up inside. Will surely keep and eye out for a few more days, and if it’s really necessary, I’d most probably have to resort to laxatives.

Anyway, since I was feeling particularly bad these past few days, I decided that the best thing to do is pay a short visit to my GI for some checkups. He said that I was technically fine, and the Ensure is definitely to be blamed here. He did recommend to take the laxatives and just have a do over. Lastly, he gave prescriptions for Lacidofil, a probiotic to help regain the “good” bacteria populations in my gut. Sadly, he recommended me to stop taking the Chinese herbal remedy for the time being because I was really in a bad shape. 

Maybe once I start feeling better I might try it again, if I’m bloated of course. 

Thanks for reading my boring rants! Until next time.


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