The Flare

It’s been a week since I stopped Salofalk 500 (mesalazine) and started Dicetel (Pinaverium Bromide). Things have been….different. I was doing somewhat fine, although just slightly bloated occasionally, and the bouts of anxiety, as per usual, but my movement were getting somewhat better now. 

But as I’ve said earlier, the downside to that is I get anxious from having bowel movements, so from that perspective, I’m not doing all right. To add insult to injury, it’s also not helpful to my overall mental stability when I had a tooth abscess at the exact same time. 

Finally, I just gave up, and went cold turkey. No more meds, no more anxiety (hopefully), and no more movements for the time being until I feel good enough to give this another shot, probably after a consult session with my doctor. 

If you thought that was the flare, I’m afraid to inform you, that you’re superbly wrong. It all started when I had a drink of something called Ensure FOS. FOS. F O S.

Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn! That horrible thing sent me spiralling back to square one! The first time I had it, it was fine. Just felt more bloated than usual, but nothing too bad. But after the second drink the next morning, oh dearie me, I had nothing but mucus and some watery movements, accompanied by some other mucus filled mush. It was very yellow too. Reminds me of the movements I had post colonoscopy. 

The bloating got unbearable. I lost all appetite to eat. My mouth went completely dry, although I wasn’t dehydrated. Back to square one! 

So I started to fast. I had nothing but minimal amounts of simple foods and water. Plain rice, steamed fish or porridge (especially at night). No spice, no gravy, nothing. Next, I tried re-introducing plain yoghurt with no additives, preservatives and flavourings. I’m trying my best to restore my gut flora at this point (with controlled small amounts throughout the day, the bloating was very manageable and I had no diarrhea). 

I also just had a root canal done, and that should help with resolving one other issue that was bugging me. I can’t believe how relieved I was that it doesn’t hurt, at least for now. I had it done without anaesthetics too. 

As of now, I’m feeling better. I’m still very easily bloated, and my body gets very achy especially in the mornings, from the gas I presume. Once I’m fairly confident of my current disposition, I will try to reintroduce the Dicetel back into my diet. 

I’ve also been trying simple yoga poses to help with the bloating. The breathing exercises combined with yoga did somewhat help in lowering my anxiety levels and helped in expelling some of the trapped gas in me.

What a weekend it has been. I feel weak and tired, most probably due to the diarrhoea and bloating. I hope I’ll start feeling better soon, missed two days of work this week. I honestly can’t work in this condition, I deserve a good break to help heal myself better. Also, stopping the Dicetel did make me not rush to the loo, at least for now. If in 4 days I don’t head to the loo, I’ll either have some dulcolax, or just give up and take Dicetel quietly, hoping for the best.

Until next time, thanks for reading! 


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