The Progress

Two weeks have passed since my last visit to the hospital. To have this condition has certaintly made me more aware of how frail we really are, and how much I yearned to be normal again. So, when the doctor finally told me, based on all the blood tests, biopsies, and drug trials I was on, he can now safely conclude that instead of IBD, I actually have IBS instead!

“So what about that ulcer in my rectum?”, I inquired. It was apparently there most probably due to an infection, possibly from the food poisoning I had earlier on. His opinion was further reinforced by the fact that my condition was more on the constipation end of the spectrum. Blood was never apparent in any of my movements too.

So now, the prescription changed. I received Dicetel (Pinaverium Bromide). It’s supposed to be very helpful in letting me gain a more normal use of my bowel.

However, since I’m pretty much traumatized now from having bowel movements, the Dicetel did somewhat cause me to have little bouts of anxiety throughout the day as my bowels moved, even without any visits to the loo.

The doctor did however suggested me to have a chat with the resident psychiatrist in order to better understand the cause of my anxiety, and possibly, have treatment options to make me function better again. But it think this shall be scheduled in the next appointment instead.

I personally believe my anxiety is a psychological issue too. Whenever I’m asleep, or busy working, my resting heart rate is normally around the 60-70 bpm range. However, once I get home, and my mind is free to wonder, my heart rate will creep up to the high 90s. This is also very apparent when I’m driving. Somehow, I’ve managed to convince myself that driving is a trigger point. Would definitely point this out to the doctor in my next appointment.


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