The Side Effects

Salofalk 500 (Mesalazine) was the prescription gave to me since the official diagnosis. The main goal was to allow my condition to go into remission. Remission for ulcerative colitis or proctitis here means: to be as normal as you possibly could. Emphasize on the “possibly”.

This small red bumps is the ulcerative proctitis.

Anyway, my body is an absolute softie when it comes to dealing with side effects of medications. So, you must now be wondering, what was the side effects? After 2 days of starting treatment, my anxiety levels were through the roof, I couldn’t eat or even relax for one brief moment. My head felt, funny. As if it was cold and then hot, my body kept having cold/hot flashes, my heart was always racing. There was nausea too. 

I couldn’t take it any longer, it was definitely the meds. The doctor, now worried, took more blood for testing and ECG to rule out serious underlying medical conditions. Everything came back clean. A dose change and a few days of monitoring, I was starting to feel better.

To help manage the anxiety, the doctor did gave me Lexapro to try out. It wasn’t great, at all. My heart rate crept even higher, and now there’s even insomnia. It was horrible. At one point I think I started being hypersensitive to sound and light. Everything felt extremely bright and loud. Thanks Lexapro! Immediately stopped treatment.

But in all seriousness, for the two weeks that I was on Salofalk, I did feel better. There were still some bloating, especially in the mornings. And it did gave me heartburn, but my BMs were back to being very infrequent, which I guess is a norm for me. However, my anxiety was still very much present, and excessive angst will send me rushing to the nearest toilet. In that sense, nothing much have changed.

That’s all from me for today! Until next time.

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “The Side Effects

  1. I had terrible reaction to Salofalk too. I was taking Pentasa too and ha e since been switched to Prednisolone. Hope you’re getting some relief ☺️.


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